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    While paying attention to production, Damei people also build Damei brand with pragmatic spirit, devote themselves to the research and development of professional lamps for a long time, create the aesthetics of lamps and create the value of light, promote the development of domestic lamp culture and aesthetics of light, accumulate abundant lamp research and development technology and production technology, train a large number of lamp design, production, sales and management personnel, and have strong students. Production scale and perfect product quality control system and logistics distribution system.

    1994 Establish   --   NANHAI DMB LIGHTING factory was established

    1995 Create   --    Logistics model of lamps and lanterns co built by manufacturers The fastest delivery speed at that time

    1998 Break  -- Single barrel lamp customer in the industry. Annual sales volume exceeded 10 million yuan.

    1999 Break  -- Launched the first color downlight in China. Sway the whole nation

    2002  Company   -- Renamed Foshan Nanhai DMB Lighting Co. Ltd.

    2003 Technology   -- Electronic workshop and inductance rectifier workshop Independent production of core parts

    2004 The establishment of the LED Lab

    2005 nitiative   -- World first crystal Downlight

    2006 Shape  -- Popularize the image of new VI and create the brand of "DMB lamps"

    2007 Cover  -- The DMB store reached 3000 Network coverage 90%

    2009 Adaptation  --  DMB launch a series of car aluminum lanterns and downlights Fast occupying the high-end home lighting marke

    2010 Service  -- Import and export import LED

    2011 New Factory  -- The new factory is completed to complete the relocation All LED products to market

    2012 LED  -- Full access to the field of LED lighting The DD32 tube lamp creatively changed the LED heat dissipation scheme Fire leads the market

    2013  COB  -- Overall upgrading of the factory production line 9 categories, 33 series, 200 single products, R & D and mass production.

    2014  Efficient  -- Open the ten major operations center The model of the conference is popularized efficiently Sales training

    2015 Honor  -- Become the governing unit of Nanhai electric lighting and lighting industry association

    2016 Optimization  -- The overall optimization of products Establishing the status of the circulation brand in the LED field

    2017 Position  -- Setting up the lighting of the commercial shops of the DMB lamps and lanterns Circulation and positioning of lighting in medium and small projects

    2018 Subdivision  -- Enable the "DMB" brand Subdivide into furniture, ceramic ware and other designer channels.

    2020 Smart - develop smart lighting products to integrate them into the home improvement lighting system